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Resource - News, Mutagenized Mouse, Mouse Mutants, Phenotyping Screen, Phenotypes, Collaboration - Join TMGC, Guest Inv.


Neuromutagenesis, Mutagenesis, Aging _Metabolism, Drug Abuse, Alcoholism_Stress _Bioinformatics

Mutagenesis, Mutants, Tools

ENU Mutagenesis, Site Map, Overall Target

Mutants, Criteria, Statistical Tutorial

Deviants, Guide & Procedure

MuTrack 1 & 2  - Mouse mutant database and animal/data management tools

Phenotyping: Screens & Protocols

NIMH Neuromutagenesis Project

Primary Screens/Protocols: Aging, Metabolism; Alcoholism; Auditory; Drug Abuse; Epilepsy; Eye; General Behavior; Neurohistology; Social Behavior

Secondary Screens/Protocols: Drug Abuse; Hearing; Learning and Memory; Nociception

Additional Phenotyping Services  at MMPC MNL, & ORNL

Analytical: Hormones, Lipids, ...

Biochemical - Physiological - Molecular

Cardiovascular: Blood Pressure, Tissue Morphology, Echocardiography, more

Neurobehavioral: Somatosensory & more

Obesity, Diabetes, & Metabolism: Insulin Clamps, Energy Balance, Exercise, more

Renal: Electrolytes and Indices of Renal Function, more tests


Past & Future Retreats; Latest Abstracts

Other Resources

Archives: Course/seminar/Protocol/Tutorial

Additional Links: Institutional; External    F