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The National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) was recently chosen as a C.elegansNet "WebStar," in recognition of its commitment to providing research resource of great value to the biomedical research community. As a "WebStar," NCRR is featured on the Channel 3 Foot Frame of C.elegansNet Web site, which features biomedical research resources. C.eleganNet, a Model Organism (Animal) Bioinformatics and Research Menu Web site, simplifies navigation to resources, enhances interaction among researchers, and promotes science appreciation for the public.

C.elegansNet is a product of Vanderbilt University, and can be accessed at


News Releases
Robots Eavesdrop on Cellular Discussions
February 9, 2000

NINDS Funds Five Specialized Neuroscience Programs at Minority Institutions
January 18, 2000

Nonhuman Primate Research Center Established for Biomedical Research
September 29, 1999

NIH and DOE to Upgrade Synchrotron X-Ray Research Facilities in California and New York
July 21, 1999


News from latest issue of the NCRR Reporter

NCRR Names Two Associate Directors
Meeting Maps Future of Bioinformatics in Clinical Research
Lasker Awards Go to Ion Channel Researchers
NCRR Support Laid Groundwork for 1999's "Breakthrough of the Year"
Neuroscience Programs Established at Minority Institutions
Brooks Wins A.M. Turing Award



Recent updates to the NCRR Web site -- 2000