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Organism Bioinformatics & Research Menu Hubsite 

elegansNet is pleased to acknowledge sites providing services of great value to research community as WebStars.  


C. elegans WEBSTARS (April 2000)


Introducing elegansNet: The Organism Bioinformatics & Research Menu Hubsite  

What does elegansNet provide?

elegansNet is the Search Site for linking to Researchers, Research Topics, and Resources in Molecular, Cellular, System, and Organism Biology.    Search by using top WWW search and clustering engines, by browsing elegansNet topics (~ 29,000 links are indexed), or by choosing from a smaller set of sites within one of the drop-down menus offered. 

What are the goals of elegansNet?
As a non-profit site, the  goal of elegansNet is to simplify WWW navigation to  resources by the beginners/experts, to enhance interaction among researchers, and to promote science appreciation for the public.   


Operating since 1/7/2000, elegansNet is continuously updated & webcasted from site below: 

Announcing: elegansNet Has Moved


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