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  • Merck Reemerges With a Bold AIDS Vaccine Effort - Jon Cohen - KEYSTONE, COLORADO--Over the past few years, scientists from Merck & Co. have quietly built an AIDS vaccine research program that has fundamentally altered the landscape of this beleaguered field. At a scientific meeting here this week, Merck researchers described a comparison of various AIDS vaccine approaches in more than 100 monkeys. What most dazzled researchers here is the sheer scale of the company's AIDS vaccine effort, an endeavor that has attracted scant interest from other big pharmaceutical companies. Science 292, Number 5514, Issue of 6 April 2001
Aging & Oxidant Stress


Bioinformatics, Functional Genomics, & Other Headlines
  • Hiring Patterns Experienced by Students Enrolled in
    Bioinformatics/ Computational Biology Programs (Paula Stephan, Grant Black; Georgia State University; Snow Deal 5/10/00).

  • LabTV- Handling the media in your lab (HMS Beagle, 6/9-22/00).
  • Gnutella - a software tool that can bypass Internet service providers and allow computer users to communicate directly among themselves (NPR, 5/22/00).
  • New technology updates the house call - A technological advance is giving new meaning to the words “house call.” Americans who need their health monitored regularly are finding a lifeline at the end of a phone line (MSNBC; 5/6/00).
  • A Triumphant Treatment - Scientists have reported success against cancer using a technique called antisense technology that halts malignant genes at their roots (Washington Post; 4/5/00)
  • Bioinformatics: How to cope with the flood of bioinformation (HMS Beagle 3/17/00)
  • Brenner: NY Times (3//7/00)


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