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administration area Mutrack suggest change Mouse and State of Tennessee Biotutos Welcome to the New TMGC Website - Promoting mouse model systems as a biomedical and clinical research resource (newtmgcweb.htm). Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium

"Pooling expertise and resources for the study of complex biological systems"

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Mouse Mutants Phenotypic Deviants under Development

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Data & Collaborative Tools: BioTUTOS, BioTeams/BioGrids, Gene Regulatory Networks, GOTree Machine, INIACS & LIMS, MuGnoSys, MuTrack, WebQTL, Journal Club

MuTrack: A collaborative database and shared lab notebook.  Manage Mouse Husbandry, Shipping and Receiving, Pedigree Testing, and Statistical Analysis.

Mutagenesis: Specific-Pathogen Free (SPF), Overall target regions, Visible Mutations not linked to Chr 10, 15, 19 or X, Chr 10, Chr 15, Chr 19, screen of all of Chr 19, Chr X, ORNL Mutagenesis Site Map

Mutants: Confirmed, Neuromice, CriteriaMuGnoSys, Phenotypic Deviants under Development

Phenotyping Centers:  Phenotype Screening@ORNL, Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center @Vandy

1o Screens: Aging/Metabolism, Auditory,  Drug Abuse,  Ethanol, Epilepsy, Eye, General Behavioral, Neurohistology, Social Behavior

2o Screens: Drug Abuse,  Nociception 2oLearning and Memory

Protocols: Aging/Metabolism, Alcohol, Behavior, Learning and Memory 2o, Drug Abuse2o, Drug Abuse Secondary Screening, Epilepsy, Hearing 2o, Histological Phenotyping, Neurohistology, Nociception, Social Behavior

TMGC Docs: Retreats - 4th,   Show-N-Tell, Site Achieves

Internal Resources of TMGC Institutions

Other Links


Mutagenesis: NIH Mouse Initiative,, Neurogenomics Project, JAX Neuroscience Mutagenesis Facility, Mouse Genetics and Genomics Program, Mouse Mutagenesis Center for Developmental Defects, Harwell ENU-Mutagenesis Program, German Human Genome Project, ENU-Mouse Mutagenesis Screen, Baylor Reproductive Transgenics Project

Alcoholism: (INIA-East), INIA-West

Browsers: Anatomy and Gene Expression, Anatomical Dictionary, Gene Ontology, Genome (Vega), Genome (Vista), Mammalian Phenotype, Phenotype Classifications

Bioinformatics & Collaborative: Genomics & Bioinformatics (UT Center of), Computational Approaches to the Analysis of Gene Expression DataGene Set Analysis and Batch Sequence Analysis to Discover Components in Gene Regulatory Networks

Complexity: Institute for the Study of Complex Systems (ISCS), The International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID)

KnockOuts/KnockIns: BayGenomics, Deltagen, IngenKO, Lexicon Genetics Inc., Murinus GmbH, Ozgene, RCC

RNAi: Inhibition of hepatitis B virus in mice by RNA interference, RNAi puts a lid on virus replication; More RNAi links



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