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DNA Vaccine - elegansNet Selected Papers by Ulmer, jb 

1: Denis-Mize KS, Dupuis M, MacKichan ML, Singh M, Doe B, O'Hagan D, Ulmer JB, Donnelly JJ, McDonald DM, Ott G. Related Articles
Plasmid DNA adsorbed onto cationic microparticles mediates target gene expression and antigen presentation by dendritic cells.
Gene Ther. 2000 Dec;7(24):2105-2112.
[Record as supplied by publisher]
PMID: 11223992
2: Dubensky TW, Liu MA, Ulmer JB.
Delivery systems for gene-based vaccines.
Mol Med. 2000 Sep;6(9):723-32. Review.
PMID: 11071268
3: Donnelly JJ, Liu MA, Ulmer JB.
Antigen presentation and DNA vaccines.
Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2000 Oct;162(4 Pt 2):S190-3. Review.
PMID: 11029393
4: Dupuis M, Denis-Mize K, Woo C, Goldbeck C, Selby MJ, Chen M, Otten GR, Ulmer JB, Donnelly JJ, Ott G, McDonald DM. Related Articles
Distribution of DNA vaccines determines their immunogenicity after intramuscular injection in mice.
J Immunol. 2000 Sep 1;165(5):2850-8.
PMID: 10946318
5: Liu MA, Ulmer JB. Related Articles
Gene-based vaccines.
Mol Ther. 2000 Jun;1(6):497-500. Review. No abstract available.
PMID: 10933973
6: Lee AY, Manning WC, Arian CL, Polakos NK, Barajas JL, Ulmer JB, Houghton M, Paliard X. Related Articles
Priming of hepatitis C virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes in mice following portal vein injection of a liver-specific plasmid DNA.
Hepatology. 2000 Jun;31(6):1327-33.
PMID: 10827159
7: Widera G, Austin M, Rabussay D, Goldbeck C, Barnett SW, Chen M, Leung L, Otten GR, Thudium K, Selby MJ, Ulmer JB. Related Articles
Increased DNA vaccine delivery and immunogenicity by electroporation in vivo.
J Immunol. 2000 May 1;164(9):4635-40.
PMID: 10779767
8: Lee AY, Polakos NK, Otten GR, Ulmer JB, Houghton M, Paliard X. Related Articles
Quantification of the number of cytotoxic T cells specific for an immunodominant HCV-specific CTL epitope primed by DNA immunization.
Vaccine. 2000 Mar 17;18(18):1962-8.
PMID: 10699347
9: Baldwin SL, D'Souza CD, Orme IM, Liu MA, Huygen K, Denis O, Tang A, Zhu L, Montgomery D, Ulmer JB. Related Articles
Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of DNA vaccines encoding secreted and non-secreted forms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ag85A.
Tuber Lung Dis. 1999;79(4):251-9.
PMID: 10692994
10: Wang S, Liu X, Fisher K, Smith JG, Chen F, Tobery TW, Ulmer JB, Evans RK, Caulfield MJ. Related Articles
Enhanced type I immune response to a hepatitis B DNA vaccine by formulation with calcium- or aluminum phosphate.
Vaccine. 2000 Jan 18;18(13):1227-35.
PMID: 10649624
11: Ulmer JB, DeWitt CM, Chastain M, Friedman A, Donnelly JJ, McClements WL, Caulfield MJ, Bohannon KE, Volkin DB, Evans RK. Related Articles
Enhancement of DNA vaccine potency using conventional aluminum adjuvants.
Vaccine. 1999 Aug 20;18(1-2):18-28.
PMID: 10501231
12: Dietrich G, Gentschev I, Hess J, Ulmer JB, Kaufmann SH, Goebel W. Related Articles
Delivery of DNA vaccines by attenuated intracellular bacteria.
Immunol Today. 1999 Jun;20(6):251-3. Review. No abstract available.
PMID: 10354548
13: Donnelly JJ, Ulmer JB. Related Articles
DNA vaccines for viral diseases.
Braz J Med Biol Res. 1999 Feb;32(2):215-22. Review.
PMID: 10347757
14: Fu TM, Guan L, Friedman A, Schofield TL, Ulmer JB, Liu MA, Donnelly JJ. Related Articles
Dose dependence of CTL precursor frequency induced by a DNA vaccine and correlation with protective immunity against influenza virus challenge.
J Immunol. 1999 Apr 1;162(7):4163-70.
PMID: 10201942
15: Ulmer JB, Montgomery DL, Tang A, Zhu L, Deck RR, DeWitt C, Denis O, Orme I, Content J, Huygen K. Related Articles
DNA vaccines against tuberculosis.
Novartis Found Symp. 1998;217:239-46; discussion 246-53.
PMID: 9949812
16: Liu MA, Fu TM, Donnelly JJ, Caulfield MJ, Ulmer JB. Related Articles
DNA vaccines. Mechanisms for generation of immune responses.
Adv Exp Med Biol. 1998;452:187-91. Review. No abstract available.
PMID: 9889973
17: Donnelly JJ, Ulmer JB, Liu MA. Related Articles
DNA vaccines.
Dev Biol Stand. 1998;95:43-53. Review.
PMID: 9855413
18: Bender BS, Ulmer JB, DeWitt CM, Cottey R, Taylor SF, Ward AM, Friedman A, Liu MA, Donnelly JJ. Related Articles
Immunogenicity and efficacy of DNA vaccines encoding influenza A proteins in aged mice.
Vaccine. 1998 Nov;16(18):1748-55.
PMID: 9778751
19: Fu TM, Guan L, Friedman A, Ulmer JB, Liu MA, Donnelly JJ. Related Articles
Induction of MHC class I-restricted CTL response by DNA immunization with ubiquitin-influenza virus nucleoprotein fusion antigens.
Vaccine. 1998 Nov;16(18):1711-7.
PMID: 9778746
20: Ulmer JB, Fu TM, Deck RR, Friedman A, Guan L, DeWitt C, Liu X, Wang S, Liu MA, Donnelly JJ, Caulfield MJ. Related Articles
Protective CD4+ and CD8+ T cells against influenza virus induced by vaccination with nucleoprotein DNA.
J Virol. 1998 Jul;72(7):5648-53.
PMID: 9621023



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